Eximlog International is a professional company that provides high-performance logistics and warehousing solutions to customers from a diverse range of industries.

The company needed a website redesign to facilitate their growth and convert more visitors and clients to employ their services.

We brought a bold and unique visual identity to the website that guides users through the services whilst also adding a touch of playfulness with unique, custom icons. We also defined a bold typography combination that supports the overall brand impact.


We did not fail to highlight the essence of the company’s brand, as we included it’s brand colors into the website’s general aesthetics. Another important and unique addition to the website was the video hero which achieves a completely high-end and visually stimulating effect upon every visit to the website.


One of the company’s goals for this website at the beginning of development was for me to achieve a ‘high-end’ look which would showcase their brand as a truly international one. It’s safe to say this was achieved perfectly, to the client’s delight.

This website is one of the projects built by Ads Refinery  under Mypancho.com during a partnership period with the company but nonetheless, It was such a pleasure to build this website which befittingly represents an international brand.